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Intellectual Capital

“in the multitude of counselors there is accomplishment.”  - Ancient Proverb

Clients of Redbridge Financial are not simply paired with one financial professional.  

Instead, we use a team-based approach.  In addition, we utilize the following specialists through our affiliates:

Investment Analytics

Our research team sifts through all available investments to find the options that are right for you.

Valutaion analyst

Business owners’ first step to an effective succession plan is getting a valuation of their business.

Business owners have access to valuation experts, attorneys and financial planners.

Accredited Investment Fiduciary

Conservators, Attorneys and Trustees who are our clients appreciate these specialized services that have saved their wards and trust beneficiaries thousands of dollars in taxes.

Attorneys & Accountants

Clients who require a trust, buy-sell agreement or specific tax advice benefit from the relationships we have developed with attorneys and accountants.  Our referrals to these professionals allow you to receive independent legal and tax advice that you can rely upon.

Medicare Specialist

Clients approaching 65 years of age appreciate working with someone in our office who can research all available plans in your area at no cost to you.


Certified Financial Planners and Chartered Financial Consultants are able to provide specialized plans for all types of complex financial scenarios.

Health Insurance

Our health insurance specialists analyze all available plans.  This often results in saving clients considerable money while still keeping clinicians they prefer.

Property and Casualty

Business owners and individuals have access to all available plans through our P&C affiliates.